Pellet Sieve

Corrugated rolls close/open end Dimple rolls Helical fluted rolls Pinnacle close end rolls HIGHER PRODUCTION than the conventional alloy steel dies ( nearly 1.5--2.0 times the normal production ); Increased rate of production per hour ( nearly 10%-20% increase in tonnage / hour ) Substantial reduction in the POWER COST ( nearly 7% - 10% reduction in power bill per month); Unaffected by hot steam, molasses and other fat contents in the feed due to HIGHER SURFACE HARDNESS ( Hence less rusting, thereby minimizing wearing of the die) Easy pelleting right from the start ( minimum surface friction, NO JAMMING due to highly polished holes ); SLOW WEAR OUT ( due to the composition of the raw material and higher surface hardness achieved); Minimizing the maintenance time HOLE ENLARGEMENT after 70-80% of the die life, which facilities even pellet size through out the die life.


  • Made from MS material (Unless specified) complete with vibratory motor
  • Sieve vibrates by means of eccentric mechanism mounted on the shaft
  • Machine is supplied in assembled condition
  • After proper alignment leveling, machine base is erected on the floor by bolts
  • A minimum of 800 bmm space is left at inlet to facilitate changing of the sieve
  • Sieve is made from 3 mm thick plates & distribution dome complete with baffles plate from 3 mm thick plate
Special Features:
  • Oscillating type, V belt driven with eccentric vibrating mechanism
  • Robust body made from MS 3 mm thick plate
  • Distribution dome complete with baffle plates
  • Overall dimension of the machine:
  • 2500 mm length x 1100 mm height x 1670 mm width

  • Single sturdy eccentric throw mechanism with standard motor for easy adjustment.
  • Tubular frame for vibration free installation.
  • Long screen travel provides fast, efficient method of size separation with adequate residence time to eliminate powder from the feed.
  • Quick clamp makes screen changing very fast.
  • Single as well as multi deck sieve for grading of diff. size of crumbs / pellets.
  • As the product travels and encounters the screening surface, the vibrating screen throws the product across the screen and separates the size require.
  • Low power requirement with high processing rate. 


RKVS Model  70x150 100x200 120x250 150x300
Sieve Area (M2) 1-2 2-4 3-6 4.5-9
Motor Power (KW) 1.1 1.5 2.2 3.75
Capacity (MT/Hr.) 2-3 5-7 7-10 10-15

  • Special duty unbalanced weight electric motor for various spiral-screening patterns.
  • Self balancing gyratory screen producing three plane motion.
  • Frame with heavy duty vibration dampening springs.
  • Single as well as multi deck sieve for grading of diff. size of crumbs / pellets.
  • Hi-screening efficiency with accurate separation and minimum screen building.
  • Modular design for  varied range of application.


RKGS Model  150 180 210 250
Sieve Area (M2) 1.7-3.5 2.5-5 3.5-7 5-9.5
Motor Power (KW) 1.5 2.2 3.75 5.5
Capacity (MT/Hr.) 3-4 5-7 8-10 10-12

Pellet Sieve
Pellet Sieve is required for grading of pellets coming from pellet cooler.Pellets are graded and fed to the bin for bagging and the powder are fed to the pellet mill for re-pelleting.

Drum Sieve
We commit ourselves to provide our customer the best solutions in design, manufacturing and supplying of Drum Sieve.
Features and Applications :

  • Rotary drum for pre-cleaning of feed ingredients like maize, DORB, DOC, grains etc.
  • It separates impurities like straw, maize cob & leaves, wood pieces, lumpy materials & jute strings.
  • Rotor spikes are useful in trapping jute springs which play havoc in conveying / rotating equipments.
  • Quick clamp screen for easy & fast removal.
  • Attached with aspiration system to provide dust free plant (optional)


RKDS Model  Screen Tube Diameter Lengh Rated Capacity Power Rpm
60 x 150 Ø600 1500 10-20 TPH 2-3 Hp 20-25
90 x 200 Ø900 2000 20-35 TPH 3-5 Hp 20-25