Plant Accessories

  • R K Machines specializes in the Design, Fabrication & Erection of Pre-Engineered feed mill tower.
  • Pre-Engineered feed mill tower are designed to suit different type of animal feed plants.
  • The set of machines and the flow of material are the key factors for finalizing the design requirements.
  • The steel structures are factory prepared and are assembled at site.

  • Load cell based fully automatic oil dosing system
  • Accurate & reliable dosing / spraying of oil / fat within stipulated time frame in the mixer for homogenous fat addition in the recipe.

  • Corrugated & Round bins for holding individual ingredients. Single bin capacity up to 40m3.
  • It Constitutes of individual variable pitch screw feeders / bin dischargers with weigh hopper scales for exact weighing of all constituents as per recipe.
  • As per the recipe, the feed ingredients are weighed in exact quantities, in least possible time.
  • We also offer premixing of feed ingredients prior to grinding to ensure optimum grinding performance.

  • Full stainless steel mirror polished round storage bins, variable batch screw dis chargers & weighing units are used for micro weighing to the accuracy of +/- 0.1 %.

Control Panel and Automation –PLC / SCADA based control panel with batch mixing, Intake pre-weighing, oil dosing, hammer mill, auto cycles with various safety and operational interlocking for safe, efficient and smooth operation.

SCADA based plant operation for operating and / or viewing from the control room or office PCs.

Various reports generation like, Batch Report Formula/ Product Report Daily Production Report Remote support overcomes the distances We have dedicated team which provides support through remote login.

Complete product range to full fill every need for pellet feed line. PC based automation & process monitoring system.

Our feed plant technology enables our customers to create their own unique recipes, controlled homogenous content and exact physical properties.

After having entered the feed recipe into our advanced process control system, the complete feed process from intake to bagging is ON-screen & continuos data logging system ensures product traceability.

The feed plants requires variety of ingredients and as per the recipe the ingredients are mixed in exact quantities. Our process monitoring systems controls the feed formulation as per the recipe thereby providing reassurance to the feed consumers.

  • We offer flexible design with multiple combination of square & rectangular bins.
  • Individual bins can hold upto 40m3 of raw material & are designed as per sesmic & wind load requirements.
  • Bolted construction permits efficient shipping.
  • Corrugated wall eliminates the need for horizontal stiffners.
  • Single / Multi dumping hopper for bulk as well as manual unloading of feed ingredients.

  • Aspiration bag filters - pulse jet self-cleaning are used in raw material intake system, elevators, grinding and bagging section for dust free environment in the feed plant.
  • Air filtration helps us to keep entire feed plant clean & hygienic.
  • Fully integrated aspiration bag filters with plenum chambers are used for efficient grinding, reduced temp. rise, cleaned screen holes.