Hammer Mill

Hammer Mills
The Hammer mill is used for grinding different feed ingredients like, grains, cakes etc. used in feed milling industry. It is of top feeding and bottom discharge type.
We are capable of servicing in INDIA and abroad for clients who possess Hammer Mill of La Mechanical and Buhler Make apart from all Indian make hammer mills
Feature and Applications :

  • 1500/3000 rpm grinders in various screen areas with low / medium hammer to screen clearances for efficient grinding.
  • Rotary feeder with magnetic separator and air control flap for equal distribution of grindables.
  • The grinding chamber is of water droplet shape for consistent evenly sized particle.
  • Window for fast removal of beater holding rods and quick acting clamps for fast changing of screens.
  • Rotor is dynamically balanced resulting in low noise and trouble free running.
  • Low temperature rise to preserve ingredients nutrients.
  • Counter – Hammers to avoid bottom material built-up.


RKHM Model Motor Power (KW) Surface area of screen(m2) No. of Beaters Capacity MT/Hr
40 22-25 0.40 24-48 2-3.5
70 37-45 0.70 24-60 5-6
105 55-60 1.05 36-72 7-8
125 70-80 1.25 60-84 9-10
150 80-110 1.70 84-144 11-15
170 90-135 2.00 108-144 14-17


Fully integrated aspiration bag filters with plenum chambers are used for efficient grinding, reduced temp.rise, cleaned screen holes. Air filtration keeps entire feed plant clean and hygenic.