Pellet Crumblers
Crumbling System, With Two Roller Arrangement To Higher Capacity Crumbler With VFD Operated Feed Rollers For Even Discharge Of Pellets On The Full Length Of The Crumbler Rollers.

Based on superior crumbling technology, Pellet Crumblers offered by us help in avoiding difficulty in producing small pellet feed, thus saving consumption of power & energy. Each pellet contains ingredients that makes feed intake by animal extremely easy. Rolls perform at differential rotational speeds where the pellets are pressed, sheared & torn, thus reaching ideal crumbling effect.

  • Contra rotating horizontal rolls
  • Rolls made from high quality chilled iron of high hardness (Centrifugally casted with longitudinal corrugation (Fluting) pressed in forged steel journals)
  • Unique feeding hopper & by-pass device (Serves the distribution demands of products as well as serve the needs to by-pass products not requiring crumbling)
  • When by passing pellets, sometimes automatic stoppage is realized through limit switch
Working Method:
  • Pellets fed continuously over total width of the crumbler by means of discharge device of cooler or an additional feeding device
  • Fluted rolls of different speeds crush pellets into predetermined sizes
Advantages of Pellet Crumblers:
  • Optimal utilisation of feedstuff by starter chicks, shrimp
  • Prevention of feather picking
  • Specific adjustment of sizes of crumbs
  • Saves energy on the pellet mill
  • Increases efficiency
  • Durable with long life of parts
  • Compact structure, stable performance
  • Easy to operate and maintain


RKCR Model 20x60 20x80 20x100 20x120 20x150 25x150
Roller Size 200 x 600 200 x 800 200 x 1000 200 x 1200 200 x 1500 200 x 1500
Capacity (MT/Hr.) 2-3 4-5 6-8 8-10 10-12 12-15
Motor Power (KW) 2.2 3.75 5.5 7.5 9.5 15


Multiple crumblers placed in parallel or in series for higher capacities or for finer crumbling.