C F Cooler

Cooling Cum Drying System Complete With Blower, Cyclone And Airlock. Conventional Single / Double Cooling Column To Counter Flow Cooler

The Counter Flow Cooler offered by us are precision designed to ensure temperature of cooled pellet materials is within +3 /+5°C above ambient temperature. It features unique automatic discharge device that helps in preventing cross contamination.


  • Unique discharge frame that forces material discharge
  • Stable & reliable operations
  • Used in combination with separators
  • By applying induction drought air, coolers being offered are designed to provide desired cooling effect
  • Direction of air remains opposite to the direction of traveling of materials
  • Cooler connected with blower & cyclone through proper SS ducting
  • Vertical in design, the cooler pellets are discharged through vibration by eccentric mechanism
  • It features level switches for automatic operations of filling & discharging
  • Its unique structure allows cooling air & material to move oppositely (Enabling material to be cooled gradually from bottom to the top through heat transfer)
  • Minimizes risk of 'cooling shocks,’ that is a major cause of product degradation
  • In the event of power failure, the cooler discharge will be stopped by a pneumatic gate.


  • Side panels fabricated from S.S.
  • Available in rectangular shape & bolted type modular design construction with suitable stiffener
  • Infrared sensors for level control provided at particular height outside box with acrylic glass window
  • Upper hood designed for resting of air lock at inlet with provision for connecting ducting to blower and cyclone.
  • Two grill type tubular trays fabricated from MS at bottom of the cooler.
  • Top tray connected through eccentric mechanism (To provide gear drive for discharging of pellets)
  • Manual adjustment arrangement made to bottom tray to set gap for discharge of pellets, when top tray starts oscillating.


RKCFC Model  12x12 12x14 15x17 18x18 18x20 20x22 20x25
Capacity (MT/Hr.) 2-5 3-5 5-6 7-8 9-11 12-15 15-20
Motor Power (KW)
Cooler + Vane feeder
1.1 + 0.55 1.5 + 0.55 1.5 + 0.55 2.2 + 0.75 2.2 + 1.2 3.0 + 1.5 3.0 + 2.0